3 Things We Do Not Do

3 things we do not do

We hope that you are enjoying some of the improvements and changes we have been making here at Co-Op Web.

Here are 3 Things We Do NOT do:

  1. We do NOT use our email to try to sell you anything.  We are a B2B and we reserve our “selling talents” to businesses we wish to do business with.
  2. We do NOT purchase email addresses or spam.
  3. We do NOT talk much about our clients.  We love and respect our clients very much. We sit in many meetings, brainstorm and share lots of ideas, and it is very important for us to be able to do this freely and without anyone worrying about us sharing sensitive information with the general public.

Here is what we DO:

  1. Send you a weekly email every Thursday morning.  Stories, humor, work-at-home support, social media marketing tips and occasionally a how-to blog or infograph.
  2. Honor our Privacy Policy.  Please read it, as it has been updated in order to comply with the recent EU GDPR changes.
  3. Try to include stories of inclusiveness and how social media is the perfect tool in which to implement this globally.

Please check out our bloggers.   My voice is no longer the only voice you will hear.  I am really loving the new posts, the new voices and I hope that these inspire you even further in your communications and in how you do business and live your own life.

Live long a prosper… I know, that’s not very original, but it always makes me smile.

Ana Lewis

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