vision, mission and values

live social media

It’s important to know who you are employing to represent you in a global arena, such as social media and the internet.  Please read below to see what we believe in, and what we are all about.


Co-Op Web is the nationally recognized expert in developing inclusive social media communities that meet and respond to the unique needs of each client.


Co-Op Web is dedicated to the following values:

  • Using the internet to form positive, healthy, and supportive relationships
  • Establishing working relations based on trust, respect, and integrity
  • Working collaboratively to enable success for all


The mission of Co-Op Web is to provide businesses with custom tailored social media solutions based upon state-of-the-art technologies and providing superior customer support in order to ensure each client’s needs are fulfilled.  Every online community will foster an inclusive spirit based on community, relationships, humor, and friendliness.