All the Places We Shall Go

By Ana Lewis

“ROADTRP” used to be my vanity license plate. Once, while I was stopped at a busy intersection, a homeless woman came to my open window chuckling and said, “My boyfriend told me that I’m a ‘road trip’. Does yours say the same thing?” I replied, “No, but I am sure my ex-husbands would agree.”

I am still a “road trip” at heart and this summer, I aim to prove it. Every summer, in the efforts of working flexibility and getting away from the brutal Arizona summers, my husband and I are going on a road trip and we aren’t exactly sure all the places the road will take us. Yes, we have a few initial items planned out to see family and friends, but other than that, we have decided to let the road tell us where we shall go. I’m typically pretty good at this.

For more than fifteen years, I was a single mom raising my three kids and we would join up with my friends and their kids and get on the highway. We ended up spending many summers hanging out on the beach, staying with friends, teaching our teenage kids how to drive on small back roads, eating lots of finger foods and listening to fab road trip music. When I got married, we didn’t do this as much. I married a fighter pilot.

My pilot husband was used to speed and a destination. He wasn’t so much about letting the road let us know which way to go; he wanted to get there the fastest way, and he wanted to drive.

This summer, I had to readjust my flexibility hat and make a decision to wake up my inner “road trip” woman and take her for a much needed spin. Here are some of the ways that I am planning for this adventure: 

  • I am limiting myself to ONE suitcase, as we are taking my car and the space is limited.
  • I am looking for lots of books on audio to bring along.
  • I am putting the people in our lives first. This makes me so excited about seeing them, and not being too fixated on how and when we get there.
  • I am not over-planning. There are many reservations NOT made.
  • I am bringing all of my work stuff, so I can be reachable at any time by my clients and staff. This is my security blanket, and it gives me a sigh of relief knowing that I am still available.
  • I am packing lots of healthy road trip foods, as this is one of the most important things.

Summer lends us a little more flexibility and is the best time of year to wake up your inner person and enjoy your beautiful life.

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