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Christown Spectrum

Live Photography Posting at Camp Christown Reading Fun Fest

Promoting Camp Christown Reading Fun Fest means I get to go behind the scenes, watch the set up (and promote it with teasers), see the characters (this time it was an Alice in Wonderland theme), and feel the energy of the children and community as they enter the shopping center and enjoy the activities.  It’s […]

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Live posting tools

Taking the Show on the Road

Autumn typically marks the beginning of our more active work season and this year is no exception. We will begin our busy season, with live social media photography posting at the Camp Christown Reading Fun Fest, beginning Saturday, September 9th at Christown Spectrum, in Phoenix, Arizona. As I prep for our work in the week […]

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Rose Wine in Glasses

Three Weird Things I Am Into Today

Sometimes I’m into some weird-ass stuff. It helps me to find some like-minded folks who appreciate the weird and wonderful in life, so I am sharing with you. And, in spending many of my days in solitude, putting my weirdness out there is more than a bit helpful. You are not alone if you also […]

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