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You Can Learn Anything

By MJ Ali Do these sound familiar? “I just can’t learn this.” “I will never be good at that.” “My brain just doesn’t work that way.” Our brains are amazing and mysterious things, and if the study of neuroscience has proven anything, it’s that our capabilities are not fixed. When we exercise and challenge our […]

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temari ball

Timeless Inspiration: Creative Women

By the Co-Op Web Team In this last post for August’s creativity month, the staff at Co-Op Web have contributed to pay tribute to creative women who’ve inspired us, with an emphasis on those who continued to create and inspire well into their 70s, 80s, and 90s. Ana Lewis Temari ball artist I don’t know […]

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The Power of Play

By MJ Ali Ever since I can remember, there’s been creative activity in my family. Art, music, photography, writing, word play, gardening, cooking, and even crafts were always happening. My mom, who had a full-time job with an hour-long commute to and from work, somehow found time – with four children – to paint, sketch, […]

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