The Best Things On the Internet are Free

best things are free

By Abigail Edwards


Everyone appreciates getting a convenient deal. It’s a relief when everything else we shop for comes at a great cost, snatching our time and money before we realize what’s happening. People spend their time scrounging through magazines and catalogs for coupons and entirely miss out on the free opportunities the Internet provides because they don’t know where to look for them. When you search with a purpose, however, there’s a wealth of potential free and deep discount sites you can look into for big breaks. 

  • Gift Cards 

If you’re running low on gift cards for your favorite retailers, you can visit It allows you to earn points for searching, taking part in surveys, and watching videos—simple activities that every Internet user does daily! They give out at least 7,000 free gift cards per day and have paid their members over $280 million dollars in gifts. Michelle P., a Swagbucks member since 2014, says, “Before I became a Swagger our budget was limited. Now I save my gift cards all year and spend them online!”

  • Giveaways has been around since 1997 and is still going strong. It has a broad range of categories; through referrals, contests and giveaways, you can find merchandise for beauty, books, clothes, recipes, music, magazines and more.

  • Storage 

When you’re on vacation and you get the notification that your phone’s storage or camera’s memory card is full, you can store your memories in Dropbox. A free Dropbox basic account provides you with two to five gigabytes of space for pictures and documents. This service has been trusted with information by over 500 million users, including companies like Hyatt, News Corp, and National Geographic. You do have to pay if you want more storage than the basic account provides but for those who conserve their space, the basics are more than enough.

  • Communication 

If there’s someone you love who’s living on the other side of the world, you can easily catch up with them using Skype. With free messaging, calls and videos that you can use on either your phone or your computer, Skype can be used for business calls, birthday greetings, long-distance relationships and collaborations on all kinds of projects, which is incredibly handy in this digital age. 

  • Trivia 

Are you one of the millions who browse the Internet for something to do when you’re bored? and are free sites to entertain you and test your knowledge of pop music, movies, science, literature and other genres. I personally enjoyed the challenge of Triviaplaza’s movie trivia. These sites are fun and easy to use; they’ll definitely help you while away a few hours. 

  • Entertainment 

Pandora Radio and YouTube are also diamonds in the rough. Both are free and allow you to listen to a vast variety of music genres. Whatever piques your interest and pleases your ears is open to you! On Pandora, you can create your own stations, tailoring them to your specifications. It evolves to your tastes. YouTube is considered by some to be for music alone, but there are also gaming channels and stunt channels that are endlessly entertaining. Team Edge, for example, is a family-friendly channel full of games and challenges that never fail to make me smile.

With all of these opportunities open to us, our shopping, vacationing, communication and entertainment are much more convenient than they would be otherwise. How many freebies do we miss out on because we’re religiously counting our coupons and our credit cards? Get out there and see! 

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