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Not Just for Lovebirds

By Abigail Edwards For many, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express love and appreciation for a romantic partner in ways they may not on another regular day. As early as 1382 the day was associated with passion and desire. In a poem written for […]

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Spotlight on Ana Elena Sisnett: Humble Heroine

By MJ Ali I wanted the first entry in our Spotlight series to be about someone extraordinary, and there was one magical, eternally sparkling name that popped up for me: Ana Sisnett. I knew of Ana through my older sister, for whom Ana was a […]

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Capturing Community

By Ana Lewis What sets Co-Op Web apart from other social media marketing firms is our focus on bringing community together. We have witnessed that when a shopping center or business focuses on its community, it continues to thrive and grow.    Live-posting to social […]

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