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Ana Lewis Movie Poster

Do This Next Time You Want to Up Your Game

One of my most popular blog posts is, “The Lazy Peoples’ Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Web Presence”, and I am pleasantly surprised at how relevant this post still is today.  However, this year, I had another idea. My ONE (it’s always one) 2018 New Year’s Resolution is to “Up My Game”.    Have you […]

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meditation and archery

Zen Comes in Various Forms

Recently we returned from our second trip this year to Sunrise Springs Spa Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in preparation for what we anticipate to be a very busy upcoming season both personally and professionally. We love the retreat due to the incredible food, the daily meditation, the beautiful outdoors, the activities and the […]

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Christown Spectrum

Live Photography Posting at Camp Christown Reading Fun Fest

Promoting Camp Christown Reading Fun Fest means I get to go behind the scenes, watch the set up (and promote it with teasers), see the characters (this time it was an Alice in Wonderland theme), and feel the energy of the children and community as they enter the shopping center and enjoy the activities.  It’s […]

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