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what's in a name

What’s In a Name?

  By Abigail Edwards When my family and I walk into one of our favorite restaurants for dinner on a Friday night, there’s a sense of warmth that immediately puts me at ease. It’s a homey atmosphere that’s always bustling with activity but there’s always one thing reassuring me that I’m a welcomed customer: the […]

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Technology and Touch: Beneath the Surface

by MJ Ali  Our first sense—touch—develops in utero. It’s also our strongest sense at birth. We don’t give it a second thought, but touch is phenomenally complex. Touch is crucial to navigating our world, making sense of objects and intentions, alerting us to danger and calming us when we’re stressed.  Not only do we react, […]

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power of no

The Power of “No”

By MJ Ali Do you remember the first time you heard the word “no”? For many, it was a boundary being set by an adult. And, as children, the first time we used the word “no” was usually a reaction to boundary setting we didn’t agree with! The tiny word “no” is one of the […]

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