Family Means…

By Abigail Edwards

Family means there are warm arms to hold
To shelter me from the world’s winter cold

Family means an attentive ear to hear
My secrets, my stresses, my passions so dear

Family means strong hands to clasp
For comfort when a dream is out of my grasp

Family means lips to encourage
To spur me on, lift me to go my furthest

Family means both kindness and care
A well-kept promise to always be there

Family means giving patience and grace
Even when we quarrel to save face

Family means rash squabbles and fights
Then coming together to make it all right

Family means a safe place to learn
And support when life takes its surprising turns

Family means irreplaceable bonds
Enduring and challenging
Loyal and strong

Family means I have forever friends
Who love and who treasure
Who would go to Earth’s ends

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