Fun and Wacky May Holidays

By MJ Ali


By the time some read this, it’ll be the middle of May, the last month of spring (okay, so Arizona has already seen its first 100-degree day… at least a month early).

Whether or not we’ll still be in Stay At Home mode we can’t predict, but just in case, we thought we’d run down some remaining goofy national holidays ripe for the celebrating.

May 14: Dance Like a Chicken Day

If you haven’t done this yourself, chances are high you’ve seen others do it, even Beyoncé. Just in case, though, here’s an educational video on how to do The Chicken Dance. Want to play the music, too? The Birdie Song or Bird Song can be found on most streaming services, or you can play it right from here.

May 15: Pizza Party Day

This is an easy one. Order pizza, family/friends order pizza, hop on video, have a party. Click here for some great tips on ways to set this up.

May 17: Pack Rat Day

I’m looking at two boxes that I’ve been putting off dealing with as I write this. Seriously. I’m all in. I’ve been meaning to revisit my copy of Tidying Up for weeks.

May 18: No Dirty Dishes Day

There are lots of different ways to celebrate this day, and the website has some great ideas. Wash them all, don’t wash any, it’s up to you how to celebrate.

One mom came up with a great idea during quarantine to combat the endless pile of dishes her now-at-home-all-the-time family produces in a seemingly endless stream: read about it here. The sanity you save just might be your own.

May 21: Talk Like Yoda Day

Drive your family crazy, it will. Yeesssssss.

Here’s a Yoda-Speak converter to get you started.

May 25: Wine Day

Hey, it’s listed with all the other ones, just saying. Actually, there are apparently many national and international holidays celebrating wine. Here’s the big honking list of holidays for you wine enthusiasts out there.

May 31: What You Think Upon Grows Day

Celebrate the power of positive thought and see what grows. This article is a nice read to get started.

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