Live Social Media Photography Posts

My favorite part about our Social Media Marketing Management work is when I get to do live photography posts for our clients. We typically show up when the sun is rising, getting the lay of the land, making sure we have press passes and figuring out where we can get up close and personal to where the action is happening. Since it is my favorite part of my work, and we have only been offering this service for about 5 years so far, I thought I should share with you some of my favorite shots on our website.

None of these shots are retouched in any way, and that is something that I have had to accept when doing these live post shoots, you have to be okay with imperfection, what is real and happening NOW. Sometimes I look at my pictures afterward, and shake my head, wishing I could have brightened up the shot, or gotten a better one, other times, I am grateful for the shot and the memory it brings. The joy, the honesty, the rawness in all it’s imperfection.

There will be more photos to come this year, starting in the fall, as we have some wonderful events lined up and I will share more with you as the events unfold.

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