Co-Op Web The Year of the Internet
Getting Down to Business
As business owners and employees we all understand and feel the pressures from the current economic environment. It is truly heartbreaking seeing some of our clients and friends go. People that we admire and care for being hurt and struggling enough that they have to cry "uncle". And, for many of us, it's a reality check. It showcases how, even the smartest and brightest of us are not immune to an economic challenge.

This is why we have named 2009 "The Year of the Internet". There is not a single more cost effective way to promote your business than Email Marketing. According to the Digital Marketing Association, in 2008 it is estimated for every $1 spent in email marketing brought $45 in return. Those are numbers we can all be happy about.

This month's newsletter focuses on answering some questions, making the Internet a more effective tool, providing ways to move forward and making your web presence most effective for your business. Basically, it's time to make our websites work for us and make our e-marketing efforts most effective. Time to get down to business!

If you have any questions and topics that you would like for me to address, please feel free to email us at .

Happy 2009 Everyone,
Ana Lewis
Co-Op Web Is Your Business Website Tax Deductible?
According to the Industry Specialization Program (ISP) published by the IRS, a website development should be capitalized as an asset and amortized (depreciated) over 3 years (exactly like software).

However, the IRS allows a business to deduct up to $250,000 of captial expenditure (including website development) in 2008 under section 179 (increased from the $125,000 available in 2007 by the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, see = making 2008 an extremely good year to invest in website development from a tax strategy standpoint.
Co-Op Web Detox Your Web Site
Clear out the old debris and start the new year with a clean slate - and a positive, forward attitude.

1. Freshen your content - Clear out the old, update with the new.

2. Send out a confirmation email to clean up your list. This helps insure that those who want to receive your emails will actually get them. This should be done annually.

3. How is your contact page? Make sure your customers can reach you and all of your forms are in working order.

4. Test and update all of the links from your site.

5. Is your "About Us" section up to date? Make sure that your photos are not circa 1999, while you're at it.

6. Is your message consistent? Make sure your web site coordinates with all of your marketing materials, it's key to getting your site branded.

7. Implement at least one item to make your website performs its best, such as: Search Engine Optimization, utilize Email Marketing or make sure that your customers can find you on their cell phones.

Use the beginning of each year to review your website and make it work for your business more effectively.
Co-Op Web The Best Things on the Internet Are Free!
1. Pandora Radio - music, you choose and create stations -

2. Facebook - social networking -

3. Google Earth -spooky big brother-like -

4. Housecall - remotely cleans your computer (anti-virus) -

5. OpenOffice - free suite of Office products from

6. Thunderbird -email software like Outlook, only better.

7. Urbanspoon -review restaurants from your blog or cell phone. -

8. Skype - talk, chat or make video calls -
Co-Op Web Are you ready to go MOBI?
Ever been on the road and dying to order a pizza, a sandwich or forgot to set an appointment?

When will it be a good time for your business to be found on people's cell phone and mobile devices? The best time is now!

Co-Op Web offers some excellent pricing to get your business onto mobile devices. Please view and for some excellent examples and how you can prepare your business to be more easily found from any location.

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