Co-Op Web Social Media Management Packages



Social Media Marketing is a great way to grow your business audience and is a very cost effective way to spread your message to thousands of people at once.   We have been involved in managing social media networks since 2008, and offer the following business sample packages and pricing.:


Hummingbird Package: $1,600 per month

Our most agile and focused package. Keeping your company closely engaged with your new and existing clients via Facebook OR Twitter. Includes $100 per month Facebook advertising budget, 3-5 posts per day, building and maintaining an active audience, daily interaction with your audience, audience size goal setting, and monthly analytical reports.


Cardinal Package: (Most Popular and Recommended) $2,500 per month:

Our most popular and most vital package. Ensuring that you’re vibrantly visible to your audience on both Facebook AND Twitter, this package includes $100 per month Facebook advertising budget, 3-5 posts per day, building and cleaning up your audience, monthly analytical reports, daily interaction with your audience, and audience (quantity) goal setting.


Hawk Package: $3,000 per month

Our most powerful package will grab the attention of your audience all year long! In addition to all of the items in the Cardinal package, we will include on site LIVE social media for up to three of your company events per year. The LIVE social media posts can include photography and video on location, along with interaction with your audience. This is package is recommended for companies wanting to build an audience and excitement for special events.


Ala carte:  Add any additional social media network, such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, at the monthly rate of $750 per network.


All contracts are valid for one year, and require an additional $500 set-up fee per network.  All content distributed to your networks to be gathered from you, keywords, and/or your follower base network.  We reserve the right to change our pricing in order to customize a package.


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