Seven Times Poor Manners Beat Good Manners

Co-Op Web is all about good manners.  We are the goody-two-shoes of social media.  We know how to diffuse trolls, how to listen and interact with customers – quickly and kindly, and best of all, how to show gratitude on a daily basis.

Yeah, hire us if these things are important to you in representing your business.  However, that doesn’t mean we won’t drive slow near the train wreck.  Some people are so good at being bad, and this is where we are going today.  Oh yes we are…

Witness some top favorite bad manners on social media (thus far):

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2 comments on “Seven Times Poor Manners Beat Good Manners”

  1. Ralph Honhongva Reply

    Hello Ana
    Nice to see you’re well and going strong. Been awhile since we made contact. I’m doing fine myself. Take care and talk with you again.

    • Ana Lewis Ana Lewis Reply

      Oh my goodness Ralph!! It’s so great to hear from you! I still work with Nations Gas — thanks to you! How are you doing and what are you up to these days?

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