She’s a Woman on the Verge and She Wants Everyone to Know It

A special excerpt from an article by Pamela Ferris-Olson, author of Living in the Heartland: Three Extraordinary Women’s Stories

Children’s stories often have magical folk. Sometimes they offer the heroine three wishes. I’ve often thought about how best I’d use those wishes. As a wise woman I knew that my first wish would be to ask for unlimited wishes. But what if that was not an option? They do say: You can’t fool Mother Nature.

Ana Gonzales Lewis and her daughter Joli Reif

So what if you were offered one wish? What would you ask? One of my friends had compiled a worthy list of options. Among her choices were: repairing the ozone hole above Earth, granting every pet a loving home, healing the ill, and adding beauty by making flowers grow everywhere.

Ana Gonzales Lewis isn’t one to wait for miracles to come to her. Ana has long realized that she has it within her to make things happen. It didn’t take Ana long to see that she could make flowers sprout everywhere. This woman of wisdom understood she could plant a flower garden, grow seedlings in little pots and give them to family and friends, send them to school with her children for their teachers, take flowers to nursing homes, hospitals, and everywhere there were people who would enjoy these special gifts.

Ana isn’t any more a miracle worker than any other wife, mom, businesswoman, or volunteer. Ana, who lives in Tuscon, Arizona is a vegetarian, an organic gardener, and a CASA volunteer. She practices Kundalini yoga daily. She’s also CEO of Co-Op Web, Inc, and founder of, an online community for women.

She didn’t start out to be a unifier of women, but women have always been dominant in her life.

“I was raised and surrounded by strong, wise, out-spoken women. My female friends have known me through decades – child birth, bad dates, marriages, divorces, bad hair styles, trials at work, and as travel companions -always there, making me laugh, crying with me, a glass of wine, an open hand, reaching out. We support and uplift each other. It is my belief that these characters represent the core beauty of women.”

Read Ana’s full story on my blog Living in the Heartland, and find out how she has used the Internet to create an online community for women so they can experience the kind of support that has helped her be successful.

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