Strength of A Woman

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash


By Abigail Edwards


She walks a road that winds have weathered and lonely sands have torn

Some pass her by, assuming a mirage in summer morn

Some see flaws in her porcelain shell and offer pity, counsel, glue

And she, the porcelain diamond, welcomes all but embraces few


Her eyes are glass, reflecting sands she’s seen and winds she’s born

Some seek her out for counsel and lifting words from things forlorn

She speaks sweetly, her wisdom free for all who care to listen

Her lips are cracked but they can trust that every word will glisten


The sand wears down her hands and feet; they cannot always hold

Yet those who come beside her when they’re lost will find no cold

Her ears are always open and her shoulder’s there to lean

She bears their troubles with her own and sees no difference between


The winds sweep harsh along her shell and pieces of her fly

Yet she holds herself with honor and with peace; she does not lie

Her truth, sincerity and heart are always on her sleeve

Her friends are welcome to them, even friends who choose to leave


Along her road she crosses paths with those who care to clash

She maintains wisdom, kindness, truth as balms to soothe the brash

She sees, she hears, she reaches out and gives all sides attention

And with her earnest guidance they are drawn from their dissension

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