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Fun and Wacky May Holidays

By MJ Ali   By the time some read this, it’ll be the middle of May, the last month of spring (okay, so Arizona has already seen its first 100-degree day… at least a month early). Whether or not we’ll still be in Stay At […]

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The Bridge

By Abigail Edwards   There is a bridge between two worlds A rather old, strong stone bridge The children on either side reach out Their fingers just brush across the ridge   The bridge is made up of jumbled stones A jigsaw of colors and […]

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2018 Retrospective: Notes From The CEO

By Ana Lewis At the beginning of this year I wrote a blog post discussing the fact that I typically only have one resolution per year. For 2018 it was, “Up My Game”. And oh boy, I did. I am clearly able to articulate several […]

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