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You Can Learn Anything

By MJ Ali Do these sound familiar? “I just can’t learn this.” “I will never be good at that.” “My brain just doesn’t work that way.” Our brains are amazing and mysterious things, and if the study of neuroscience has proven anything, it’s that our capabilities are not fixed. When we exercise and challenge our […]

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WAHM Interview 2: Ana and Shannon

By Ana Lewis and Shannon E. Franklin Part 2 of the WAHM interview, continued from Part 1. Ana: What are your top reasons for becoming a WAHM? Shannon: My number one reason for becoming a WAHM is simply to be with my son. I wanted to savor every precious moment with our son after he […]

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WAHM Interview 1: Shannon and Ana

By Shannon E. Franklin and Ana Lewis Note from the editor: May is Parenting Month at Co-Op Web, and CEO Ana Lewis started working as a Work-At-Home Mom (WAHM) when her oldest child was around one year old. Now that her children are grown, she has some experiences to share with staff member Shannon E. […]

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