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A Butterfly’s Journey

By Abigail Edwards   Slowly and steadily the caterpillar munches through the succulent green leaf supporting it. Not long ago this caterpillar — hidden away in an egg that could be as small as a pinhead — was laid here by its mother so it […]

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How to Receive Change Like A Baby

  By Shannon E. Franklin Every once in a while I find myself in a weepy mess as I scroll through photos and videos of my son from the past nine months. I’m amazed by how different he looks from one month to the next. […]

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Infinite Women – A Poem by Ana lewis

    by Ana Lewis   infinite women by Ana Lewis ___________________ sharing recipes across the airwaves military wives discovered the heart of the Internet   sired by men but nurtured by women the Internet opened its baby eyes   its first words were a […]

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