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De-stress: Practicing Interdependence

By MJ Ali Have you ever been in the middle of trying to do three different things at once and looked around to realize there was no help in sight? What was your first feeling? What did you do? Did you ask for help, or just power through? Everyone has their reasons for choosing one […]

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The Importance and Joy of Holiday Traditions

By Abigail Edwards No matter the holiday, there are always traditions for which every family in every community will make time. Some have only recently been introduced to add a fresh spark to the season, while others are classics that go back so long that it feels as if there can’t be a holiday without […]

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A World of Gratitude

  by MJ Ali This is it. This is the beginning of the careening slide to the end of the year. This is when so many people start focusing on details, schedules, and all of the to-do, to-find, to-get and to-buy lists that become the focus of the holiday season. Worlds tend to get small […]

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