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2018 Retrospective: Notes From The CEO

By Ana Lewis At the beginning of this year I wrote a blog post discussing the fact that I typically only have one resolution per year. For 2018 it was, “Up My Game”. And oh boy, I did. I am clearly able to articulate several ways in which I was able to succeed in this […]

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3 things we do not do

3 Things We Do Not Do

We hope that you are enjoying some of the improvements and changes we have been making here at Co-Op Web. Here are 3 Things We Do NOT do: We do NOT use our email to try to sell you anything.  We are a B2B and we reserve our “selling talents” to businesses we wish to […]

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The Words We Choose

Inclusion and Grace in Social Media by MJ Ali We’re all familiar with exclusion in some form; the unfamiliar and different are walled out, sometimes through lack of access, and sometimes—as is often the case in social media—through adversarial posturing and verbal attacks. Tribalism in social media can be as basic as political bias or […]

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