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Remembering School

By Abigail Edwards Leftover chalk dust and marker stains Old wooden desks and smudged window panes Borrowed pencils and nubs of erasers Squeaky hole punchers and empty staplers   Spinning stories, spelling, commas and contractions Decimals, right angles, carried ones and some fractions Crafts and […]

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By Abigail Edwards   Strains of music drift from the window Typewriter keys click-clicking away Colors and shapes taking the form of a quilt A burnished pot born out of shapeless clay   Wood carvings standing proud on the shelf Flower chains woven with tender […]

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The Creative is You

By Ana Lewis I believe everyone is creative. The brilliant thing about creativity is that it looks different on everyone. Respecting and allowing your own creativity to bloom is sometimes a challenging thing, so I thought I would write about how I let my creativity […]

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