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Is Communal Living Making a Comeback?

By Ana Lewis Recently, my father-in-law has resided more often in the hospital than in his own home, which is two doors away from us. It’s been a hardship on the family, as well as on him. And now, we worry about his wife, my mother-in-law. My husband and his siblings have been very present […]

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The Importance and Joy of Holiday Traditions

By Abigail Edwards No matter the holiday, there are always traditions for which every family in every community will make time. Some have only recently been introduced to add a fresh spark to the season, while others are classics that go back so long that it feels as if there can’t be a holiday without […]

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The Feeling of Gratitude

By MJ Ali There are endless articles online with helpful recipes on how to “practice” gratitude and what it will do for you. So, I’m just going to share my own thoughts here. Gratitude is a feeling or emotion. It’s something that happens naturally as a result of being present. You know, a moment in […]

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