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Finding the Calm in Your Cupboards

By MJ Ali Let’s face it. Daily life stress is more the norm than the exception for most people, and we don’t always think we have the time to do anything for ourselves that will help alleviate that stress. Too expensive, too involved, not enough […]

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Finding Humor

By MJ Ali Do you ever find yourself baffled by acts that defy the laws of logic and basic decency? We all make up inner scenarios as a way of creatively dispelling the frustration, confusion and sometimes even anger when someone does something illogically disrespectful. […]

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The Joy (and Stress) of Holidays with Family

By MJ Ali My nuclear family consists of those who’ve known me since before I could dress myself. Some family members would say that’s still true, but I get to ignore them for the purposes of this post. I also have work family, something-in-common family, […]

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