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WAHM Interview 2: Ana and Shannon

By Ana Lewis and Shannon E. Franklin Part 2 of the WAHM interview, continued from Part 1. Ana: What are your top reasons for becoming a WAHM? Shannon: My number one reason for becoming a WAHM is simply to be with my son. I wanted to savor every precious moment with our son after he […]

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WAHM Interview 1: Shannon and Ana

By Shannon E. Franklin and Ana Lewis Note from the editor: May is Parenting Month at Co-Op Web, and CEO Ana Lewis started working as a Work-At-Home Mom (WAHM) when her oldest child was around one year old. Now that her children are grown, she has some experiences to share with staff member Shannon E. […]

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Are You Telecommuting? You’re Not Alone!

  by MJ Ali Do you remember the first ads for home-based jobs? They targeted stay-at-home moms and promised magical, effortless incomes… for just a little money down. Oh, and you had to drum up your own business. Needless to say, these companies failed to deliver realistic opportunities for a viable income.  Well, times have […]

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