Taking the Show on the Road

Autumn typically marks the beginning of our more active work season and this year is no exception. We will begin our busy season, with live social media photography posting at the Camp Christown Reading Fun Fest, beginning Saturday, September 9th at Christown Spectrum, in Phoenix, Arizona.

As I prep for our work in the week ahead, I always try to keep in mind that, even though this is my favorite part of our business, I still need to be aware of the fine details. Christown Spectrum is a regular client, so that gives us the opportunity to do a lot of preparatory audience building in advance of the event. Sending out emails to our subscribers, ad placements on social media and making sure that we send out regular posts about the event are all entailed in the preparation.

Day before the event, I trek out to the location. Do some test shooting where the event is taking place and take photos during set up to do some teaser posts for our followers.

On the day of the event, I have the following check list:

  1. Make sure all batteries are charged and have chargers easily accessible, as needed.
  2. Test camera and social media apps to make sure there’s no awkward moments when attempting to upload photos.
  3. Change to a backpack, instead of my usual tote.
  4. Always wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
  5. Take a deep breath and be ready to people watch.
  6. Be patient… let the shots come to me, don’t force a shot.
  7. Put on my Fitbit.  Yeah, step counting makes the day even more geeky fun.

I have noticed in the past, as I am working that there are a lot of similarities between mediation and my favorite part of my work. Just take a deep breath and let it flow.

Please feel free to visit us on the Christown Spectrum Facebook or Twitter pages and watch the event as it unrolls on September 9th. The children and the people will make you smile. Guaranteed.

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