The Creative is You

By Ana Lewis

I believe everyone is creative. The brilliant thing about creativity is that it looks different on everyone. Respecting and allowing your own creativity to bloom is sometimes a challenging thing, so I thought I would write about how I let my creativity monster on the loose.

Here are certain practices I live by:

Follow My Dreams
Everything that I have ever designed started with a dream or a vision. Once I dream it, it has to come to fruition, or I am miserable.

Follow a Whim
I am not a specialist at anything. I just like to make things. You can literally walk around my home and see where I have been on different creative whims in my life. But honestly, most of my whims are paper or textile oriented, as those are my favorite mediums.

Make Myself Comfortable
That means play music or a podcast, make sure that my area is clean and make sure I have all of the tools I need to make my dreams comes true.

Don’t Set Limits on Myself
Yes, my happy mediums are paper and textile, but sometimes I like to pick up my camera and play, or get my hands dirty in clay. It’s all play, so I am happy to release the limitations.

Today, It’s Always My Best Work
If it’s something you aren’t convinced is your best work, you’re wrong. It’s your best work today and it was a perfect learning lesson to get you closer to where you need to be.

Here are some areas I wish to improve:

Schedule My Fun Time
I think I need to make specific time and space for being creative. Currently, it’s like dessert for me. When all my work is done, then I can play. I would probably be more productive if I carve out the time and honor it daily.

Have More Confidence in Myself
The voices I say in my head tell me that I am “good” at one thing and not at another. I can draw, but I am not great at it, so I limit myself. Taking that limitation off could free a lot more creativity in myself.

Make Time for Multiple Interests
I want to do everything, or so it seems. So many things to learn and not enough time in which to learn it: play my native flute, become a better photographer, write poetry, do botanical or insect illustrations (my two favorites) and so many more things.

Spend More Time in Places that Inspire Me
Museums and galleries always provide so much inspiration. It’s always so much fun seeing some fantastic works on display and I always walk away inspired. So why don’t I do it more often?

The best tip I ever received when creating art of any sort (art is a matter of perspective), is there’s no such thing as a mistake in art. Create freely and from the heart and know it gets you to a better, higher and more joyful place, no matter what. And, isn’t that the point?

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