The Lazy People’s Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Web Presence

You know it need to be done, but no one likes to do it.  If only we could just live our beautiful lives and our web

messy-desk-sipress-300x239presence would just update itself, but no.  We have to do it.  So, here are some quick and easy ways to spring clean your web presence.  You’re welcome.

  1. Pretend your mother-in-law is coming to visit… or what if you are being interviewed?  Gasp!  Since we don’t have closets to hide the mess in on the Internet, just clean the big stuff you can see,  like your photos.  Update your profile photo across your networks (use the same one) and voila! you’re updated.
  2. Focus on the high-visibility areas. Google yourself and see what comes up.  The top two pages of results are where you will update your message.  Write a one-paragraph update to your profiles, and use the same one across your networks.  Done.
  3. Clean-up your computer… I know.  No one likes to do this.  But if you are ruthless about your clean-ups, you won’t have to do it again for a long time.  Like maybe even until next year.  If you have PC, run a free program like CCleaner. or on a Mac, just make sure your software is updated and reboot.  I guess Macs are for lazy people (like me).
  4. Clean-up your email.  Move it onto your hard drive and free up your cloud space.  Get rid of old garbage you don’t need.  Watch an episode of Hoarders in preparation for this one, so you won’t be inclined to hang onto to stuff you no longer need.
  5. Warning:  this step is the least favorite:  Clean up your work space.  Yes.  Moving Paper Mountain to the circular file will help streamline your work all around.  You might want to put all of your desk top contents into a box and pour yourself a martini so you can make it more enjoyable and play some music.  Afterward, enjoy the top of your desk.  Go on, put your elbows on it.  Why?  Because you can.
  6. Last step: Let it go.  Yes, now that you did some spring cleaning, take a deep breath and enjoy.  You did it, now let it be done for you.

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