The Oneness of the Internet

The Oneness of the InternetSisters and Brothers of the Internet, aka Netizens, it may seem strange to compare the World Wide Web to the spiritual concept of Oneness, meaning we are all connected as one, that we recognize the whole and we are all part of the whole – not separate from each other. However, connected and part of the whole is what we are.

The web is global, owned by no one and it is infinite. There are currently more than 1.67 billion people throughout the world communicating via the web in more than 34 languages. And the best part? There’s always room for more.

If you think about our Oneness spiritually – we are connected via the air we breath, the sky above, our oceans and our earth. The Internet is a manifestation of physical connection that we can actually see. The word Internet is derived from the term interconnection networks – we are entwined via the web with each other. An amazing view of global Internet activity showcases how very connected we are.

How do we appreciate our Oneness? Know our audience, know our brethren.:

  • Our audience is ageless – Perhaps the oldest known person online (105 year old Audrey Stubbart) might have visited your site, or young students in China. Your site is available to all.
  • Our audience is genderless – in the U.S. 78% of all males are on the Internet, 75% of all females – it’s almost even.
  • Our audience is virtual – it crosses all boundaries – geographical and political.
  • Our audience is like a family – with different viewpoints, passions and ideals – and we still respect them.

Just imagine, reaching through your computer screen and physically touching all 1.67 billion people. They are that close. They are that connected to you. You would suddenly care about them – are they hungry? Are they scared? Do they have water to drink? Are they safe? You wouldn’t care about their sexual preference or their race. You wouldn’t care if they were a man or a woman, elderly, a child. You can approach them anytime of the day or night. Seek help from them, offer help of your own. You are literally connected to them – just like family. You will agree with them and disagree with them, but allow them their time of expression and not take it personally – you are sharing the Oneness with them no matter what.

Think of this when you sit at your computer, on the Internet and contemplate the vastness and the Oneness of it and know the mantra, “We’re all in this together.”

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2 comments on “The Oneness of the Internet”

  1. Elle

    I love this post and the idea of oneness.The internet has helped us connect with people we would never have done otherwise and opens our eyes every day to what is going on in the world, even sometimes closer to home than you might think.Personally it has also helped me stay in touch with friends disseminated all over the world.
    I love that it made me connect with you and other precious friends.
    Thank you

  2. coopweb

    Thank you, Elle! I really feel the oneness so strongly in WOTV and also on Twitter. It’s a huge world out there, yet it’s opened up and gotten closer because of the Internet. I am grateful.

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