Three Weird Things I Am Into Today

Rose Wine in Glasses

Sometimes I’m into some weird-ass stuff. It helps me to find some like-minded folks who appreciate the weird and wonderful in life, so I am sharing with you. And, in spending many of my days in solitude, putting my weirdness out there is more than a bit helpful. You are not alone if you also appreciate the weird, so here we go.:
Rosé All Day
Don’t. I. Wish. Well, I can’t do it all day, since I’m not Queen Elizabeth. But it is THE perfect summer beverage. On the beach, at the retreat, at home, with my cousin and while winding down for the day. It’s refreshing, it’s delicious and it’s not crazy expensive. I’ve been trying different rosés and have discovered that some of my favorites are from Italy (called rosato). Surprise, surprise for me!
Fave Way to Waste 5 Minutes:
Feather hunting. Yeah, you read that right. I walk outside and look for feathers. Feathers have always represented God to me. When I see them, and it’s typically random, I believe it’s a sign I am on the right path. So, sometimes I just go out and look for them in the guise that I am “looking for God”, which always makes me chuckle. It’s a great way to meditate and connect with the outdoors, so it’s therapeutic as well. Oh yeah, and sometimes I pick them up and sometimes I am just grateful to have witnessed them. I suppose if I lived next to a beach instead of the mountains, my weird way to waste 5 minutes would be shell or beach glass hunting. Kind of similar.
Woo-Woo Class of the Day:
This month’s weird class has a very long name: The Art of Seeing Photography, training for the artist in you. This is a different approach to photography, and much of the same applications and lessons learned in drawing and painting are applied. One very excellent point in this class is that painting and drawing have been around for eons, and teachers have taught by showing how it’s done. No one could take a photography course a hundred years ago, so we are still learning how to apply it as an art. This class showcases the various ways it can be art. It’s really a very beautiful class. The teacher, Adam Marelli will be having me as a student for a long time to come.

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