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Women on the VergeOur community, Women on the Verge, was recently re-vamp for the new year, and we invite to you to check it out and join us.  It’s a fabulous global community and we are very excited about the upcoming year – which will include monthly topics of conversation, fabulous BlogTalkRadio panelists and women on the verge from all over the world.

Also, while you’re there, please chime in on our January conversation topic: ANGRY WOMAN QUIET WOMAN.  Our blogs have plenty to say about this topic, and I am sure that you do, too.

Lastly, please check out our YouTube Video containing 7 Steps to Making the Most of Your Women on the Verge Membership.


1. USE THE WOTV WEBSITE: Complete your directory page, add your photos, website and social media links.

2. BLOG: Your blog appears not only on your WOTV page, but all posts appear on our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages. If you are blogging about our monthly theme, it will also appear on our BlogTalkRadio page. Key: Participate in the Monthly Conversation: JANUARY TOPIC: ANGRY WOMAN QUIET WOMAN?
Join the discussion on the blogs, Facebook and Twitter

3. WOTV FACEBOOK: Like us and post to the wall

4. WOTV YOUTUBE: subscribe, post and vlog with us

5. WOTV TWITTER: We have a companion Daily newspaper featuring our members list on Twitter – and we ONLY do RTs of our members’ tweets.

6. WOTV ON BLOGTALKRADIO: THIRD WEDNESDAY of every month. January 19th, from noon-1pm (EST). Join us LIVE to discuss our January topic, “ANGRY WOMAN QUIET WOMAN?”:
Robbie Kaye
Karen Monroy
Jessica Pieklo
Rebecca Rasmussen
Dawn RiversBaker

7. WOTV MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: All members should fill out the form (link below). There is only ONE rule for this form. Each question must be answered with only ONE WORD.

Thank you for being on the Verge,

Ana Lewis
Founder of womenontheverge.net

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