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The Power of Community College

By MJ Ali Community colleges are the most flexible and resourceful learning institutions in this country, and right now many of them are doing more online than ever before. And guess who benefits from this now-more-accessible treasure trove of goodies to feed your curiosity, imagination, thirst for […]

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Staying Cool in the Heat

By Abigail Edwards With summer officially underway, heat and humidity make it a challenge to stay cool and comfortable. Heat-related illnesses are no stranger to us; in fact, over 9,000 Americans have died due to direct exposure to heat since 1979. Seventy-five percent of us […]

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The Challenge to Teach

By MJ Ali Recently, one of my sisters attended several online workshops for college-level online teaching support and resources. She’s been teaching online courses mixed in with her class load, and finished last semester with all-online teaching. This coming semester, she’ll be teaching 100% online, […]

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