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Handle With Care: Being Kind to Ourselves

By MJ Ali PAST… We all get stuck. We keep going over past events in our minds. We keep looking back. This is normal. It’s also something we can change. We can’t change the past, no matter how hard we concentrate, or how many times […]

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The Freedom to Vote

  By Abigail Edwards With Election Day right around the corner, heated debates and differing opinions flung back and forth across the states can make it difficult to keep in mind that voting is a civic privilege as well as a duty. It isn’t something […]

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COVID-19 Is Changing Us

By Ana Lewis Throughout our world, COVID-19 has planted its big footprint on us. Some of us have been  squashed to a pulp and suffered death and destruction in our families, some of us have lost our businesses and ways of making a living, and […]

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