COVID-19 Is Changing Us

By Ana Lewis

Throughout our world, COVID-19 has planted its big footprint on us. Some of us have been  squashed to a pulp and suffered death and destruction in our families, some of us have lost our businesses and ways of making a living, and some of us have mourned the loss of seeing our loved ones and traveling. No matter who you are in the United States, COVID19 has been a brutal force to reckon with.

And yes, Co-Op Web has been suffering some of COVID’s flames of destruction. Some of our staff and/or their family members have endured the infection first hand. Some of have had scary close calls. All of us have felt the impact on our business.

What the Future Holds

I am here to tell you, I don’t know what the future of Co-Op Web is going to be. On October 1, 2020, we celebrated 22 years in business. We are a healthy organization with tons of talent, but we have chosen to be B2B, and with so many businesses suffering the same circumstances we are, this has been a huge challenge.

No Matter What

I am actually okay with whatever comes about. Maybe this whole thing is the reset button we didn’t know we needed.  Maybe it’s time for me to hang up my business hat and join the ranks of retirement. Maybe it’s simply time for a little rest to wait and see what happens. I know we are all okay, no matter what.

Coping Strategies

What are you doing to get through this COVID storm? Do you have any sage words of advice? I would love to hear them.

Here’s what I have been doing during this transitional time:

  1. Lots and lots of sewing. It helps me clear my head and at the same time make stuff that is useful. Some days it’s masks, and other days, it’s a whole quilt. Hazel (my sewing machine’s name) has been a hard-working girl this year.
  2. Planting a cutting garden. Typically I plant herbs or vegetables. This year I decided to plant beauty. My cutting garden makes me smile every time I look at it. Priceless.
  3. Plotting how I will vote – safely and as early as possible. One of my closest friends bought me a hat that says, “VOTE bitches” and I wear it with pride.
  4. Watercolor painting. Something kinda-sorta new for me. Very therapeutic to learn something new.
  5. Occasionally letting non-profits know that we are available for work. I’ve been very selective about my choices, because it’s important that anything new that we take on will give us a sense of purpose, while making sure that we continue to build social good with social media.
  6. Expressing gratitude every day for all of the little things, like the work we still do have, for example, or simply being able to wake up in our own beds. I saw an idea for a Gratitude Pumpkin and that sounds like a brilliant idea to help keep things in perspective.
  7. FaceTime with friends, family and grandkids. I know this is last on my list, but my goodness, it’s the best thing of all. I always get off the phone with a smile on my face.

This is a Time Like No Other

I wish all of you the time and healing that you need to get through this time in our lives. This is a time like no other. We have endured a pandemic together, for goodness sake! Our connection from that will endure any hardships we go through. May we all come out of this with more clarity and a better sense of community than ever.

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