Five Ways to Do Social Media Marketing with Heart

FamilyLiving a life with purpose has become more and more important to so many of us. I don’t know if it’s a sign of the times and how we are evolving as a species, or if it’s simply getting older and realizing our mortality.

As I look at this concept of living a life with purpose, I think, how does this impact my daily life in technology and as a Social Media Marketing Manager? Is it me, or do the terms whole-living and technology seem to not go together? Where’s the “woo-woo” in technology? It seems so dry.

I am here to tell you, there’s “woo-woo” in everything and we can make our work purposeful no matter what we do.   And here’s a spoiler: All it takes is doing what you do using more of your heart than your business brain.

Social Media Marketing With Purpose:

  1. Don’t just promote your business. It sounds preachy. Preachy is not purposeful, it’s a one-way track to nowhere. Promote, interact, participate with your network with passion.
  2. Start each and every day with a share and gratitude. It begins your day with a smile and also, spreads the love to others, and they will see you sharing and appreciate what you do.
  3. Create community. Don’t be afraid to boost the businesses and what they are doing in your network. Even if they are your competitor, showcasing when they say or do something exceptional looks good on you, too.
  4. Develop strong connections. Get to know the people and businesses in your network. Some of my closest friends were first developed on the Internet, and that is because we created a connection that has grown stronger through good communication.
  5. Find the humor in the everyday and spread it. It’s like magic. If you can laugh, share it and watch it light up your world.

I know these things sound simple, but even if they are applied to large corporations (which most of my clients are), to small businesses, or for your personal Facebook account, you will see results. You will see your followers grow, you will see your impact increasing and you will see your ROI improve.

If this is still too woo-woo for you, according to the Harvard Business Review, one of the most important things about Social Media is not the technology, it’s recognizing the purpose of your marketing endeavors and keeping that at the forefront. The HBR definition of the term Purpose Roadmapping says it best, “Planning how to use purpose to engage and sustain productive communities.”

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