How the Movie Chef Showcases Great Social Media Tactics

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A ten-year-old shows his dad, a well-known Los Angeles chef, how to utilize social media, and even though that isn’t the premise of the movie, Chef, it really is so well-done that I needed to dissect it and show why it worked so well.  And for a geek like me, well, that’s a really great movie premise.




Five things that made the social media efforts in the movie Chef work.:

  1. Authenticity  – they kept it real.  Most people can smell phony a mile away, and in the case of social media, that stink of phoniness can permeate the world.  The Chef (El Jefe), started out with tons of talent, but not reallyhaving a chance to explore it, leaving him frustrated and over-dramatic.  This made for some real moments on social media, which he didn’t try to explain away or try to make all-better, but just rolled with them.
  2. Rookie mistakes didn’t kill – El Jefe thought he was having a “private” conversation with a famous restaurant critic, however, his tweet went out to the universe.  This is a rookie mistake, many of us have made.  He moved on from it, and life went on.  In fact, his brutal honesty is probably what helped him gain over 1000 followers the very night he sent out his “private” tweet.
  3. Let people know how they get a piece of what you have to offer – one of the things that El Jefe’s son did was let people know where they were heading to via the food truck and where people could get some great food.  And, yes, the people came.
  4. Be grateful –  El Jefe’s son had good manners and thanked people from the towns they visited.  This is crucial to getting a strong group of followers.  If people feel appreciated, they will keep following, and why not?  It’s not like we don’t have lots of choices of who to follow.  It might as well be the ones with good manners.
  5. Live and showcase it live – If you are having fun doing what you do best, showcase that.  Everyone wants a piece of that fun, and all you are doing is what you love.


Check out the trailer for Chef and be inspired to make your social media help you build your business and your business audience.

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By the way, there’s a real-deal food truck company in Los Angeles, who has been doing social media right since 2008.  Check them out and see what I mean.  They let their fans/followers know where to find them every day and guess what?  They do.


Kogi BBQ, Los Angeles –

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