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Co-Op Web, Inc., is the Social Media Marketing Manager for Shopping Centers and businesses. We can professionally set up your presence and/or conduct the daily management of your social networks. We are certified, award-winning professionals who utilize our expertise in Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks to build your audience.

Social Media Marketing Management Services Include:

  • Social channel identities setup and design, including your logo and graphics
  • Creating a social identity of content, keywords, followers and lists reflecting your business mission
  • Daily audience building
    Daily content generation based on your social identity created during setup
  • Flat monthly rates based on the services and the number of platforms requiring management
  • On-Location Live Photography Posting for your events
  • Monthly reports showcasing the effectiveness of our monthly activity and how we can continue to know your audience and meet their information needs

We offer various plans scaled for your business: Social Media Marketing Management Packages and Set-Up and Release Social.

Hummingbird Package
Cardinal Package
Hawk Package

Set Up & Release Social

Set-up and release social media marketing packages for small business. As a small business, sometimes you just need a good foundation in which to start building your audience. We at Co-Op Web are here to help you do exactly that Set-Up and Release Social.

How it works:

  • We set up your social channel(s)
  • Build your brand in the social channel(s)
  • Post relevant content consistently
  • Gain your first 100 followers, then hand the reins over to you
  • Flat fee per channel
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Website Hosting starts at $25 for up to 1 GB. SSL sites (for ecommerce) start at $75 for up to 3 GB of space. All of our sites are on a CPanel management system.

Email List Hosting starts at $20 per month for up to 1000 email addresses. We are capable of hosting an unlimited number of addresses at very reasonable rates.

We do not sell or trade our lists, nor do we offer to utilize our servers for spam email send-outs. We are very particular about our email list hosting.

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  • Custom Web Design
  • Self-Management Software: Installation and customization of numerous CMS softwares including WordPress, Joomla and Magento
  • Ecommerce: Design, set-up and installation
  • Community Building: Assistance in creating and building your own online community
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Search engine optimization ensures your customers and potential customers can find you.

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Email Marketing
  • Single email design, production and send for a flat rate.
  • We also do custom email services, including data management, campaign builds and more.
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Blogging Services
  • Blog installation and setup
  • Blog design and branding integration
  • Blog writing and content generation
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Business Digital Strategy Brainstorming Consultations with Ana for an hourly fee.

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