Set-Up and Release Social Media Marketing Packages for Small Business

setup and release social media packages

As a small business, sometimes you just need a good foundation in which to start building your audience. We at Co-Op Web are here to help you do exactly that in our NEW Set-Up and Release Social Media Marketing Package. We set up your page(s), build your brand online, post relevant content consistently, gain your first 100 followers then hand the reins over to you.

Please choose one or more of the following social media networks, based on the audience you would like to build and how you would like to utilize online marketing to help grow your business.

FACEBOOK: The largest audience available on the internet with over 2.23 billion active users. Audience “shares” more than any other network and is diverse worldwide. Average user in Facebook is age 24 – 35. 76% of all females and 66% of all males are on Facebook. 42% of all marketers consider Facebook to be critical to building a business. COST: $500 (one-time fee)

TWITTER: Audience is 330 million across the world. 80% of audience is considered affluent, meaning that they are college educated and have an above-average income. The audience is evenly split by gender. The audience is on the mobile app regularly and seeks out their news there. 93% of people who follow small to medium size businesses (SMB) plan to purchase from them based on what they see on this network. COST: $500 (one-time fee)

GOOGLE: Processes more than 40,000 searches per second. Google has a market share of about 75% in searches. We believe in utilizing Google organically by setting up a Google page, keeping it current and interacting with your audience.  COST: $500 (one-time fee)

Now that you have chosen your audience you would like to deliver to and grow, here is what is included:


  • We would reserve and set up your page. You provide us with a logo, your business info and graphic in order for us to build your brand. You will get a custom Facebook and/or Twitter username for your business. You will be listed as the pages’ admin, alongside Co-Op Web staff.
  • We would start posting relevant content consistently. Content and consistency is key. We would pull information from your website, and/or curate from relevant studies and articles. 
  • We would build your audience to the first 100 followers.
  • For Facebook, we would include a $5 per day ad campaign. For Twitter, we would build organically, without ads. For Google, we would make sure that you show up on the right side panel, on the first page of searches for your business.


  • Our work will conclude when you have 100 followers in your network of choice, and in the case of Google, when you are showing up on the right panel with your correct content.  
  • When our work concludes, we will provide you with a report. This report will give you insight into who your audience is, what they like to see, and how they have responded to your presence and your ads placed. We will conclude with a summary and include tips on how to continue to grow.

Choose Social Network(s)

Other Co-Op Web items we would like you to consider when building your presence and audience online, but not included in the Startup and Release Package are:

  • Website development and maintenance
  • Blogging
  • Building the email list
  • Live social media posting at events
  • And of course, ongoing Social Media Marketing Management

Any additional items to the above packages must be approved by you in writing prior to commencing work.  Payment is due upon signing.  We estimate it will require approximately 30 days from Startup to Release.