Snail Mail Is Queen

By Ana Lewis

Recently the Co-Op Web blogging team received a wonderful card via snail mail. We were truly touched by this simple gesture to give us praise and show appreciation. This made me think, isn’t snail mail truly underrated?

And now, with an election coming up in the U.S., we are facing the importance of mail-in ballots in an attempt to keep ourselves safe and healthy while exercising our right to vote. But, more on that later.

As a grandmother who is trying to keep in touch with grandkids, I am utilizing a whole arsenal of methods: Zoom, FaceTime and snail mail have been the most successful means. We go from uber-techie to analog, sometimes all in one day. We hold weekly conversations, play time, art classes and the icing on the cake is receiving or sending personal notes, artwork and gifts via snail mail. Nothing like something you can physically hold in your hand to reach directly into your heart.

Are you having trouble keeping in touch with loved ones? Send them a card or a note. Some will reply, some won’t, but reaching out has an element of healing, just on its own. Everyone loves receiving a hand-written note in the mail. It’s like Christmas!

Paper is so fabulous, and finding really fun stationery or cards is one of my favorite treasure hunts. Check these out:


Support a small artist and get some wonderful handmade cards and notes.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Our museums are suffering right now and supporting them by purchasing some fabulous stationery is an inexpensive way to show them some love.


Another one of my favorite places to purchase cards and gifts. This is a feel good purchase no matter the season.

Now, back to mailing in your ballot. I am a regular mail-in voter. I have been for more than fifteen years. This year, I will be receiving my ballot in the mail and bringing it in-person as an early voter. Our right to vote is one of the beautiful things about being an American. However, the choice is yours. I only encourage you to make sure and exercise your right and gift to place your vote this year, in the manner in which you feel most comfortable.

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