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De-stress: Practicing Interdependence

By MJ Ali Have you ever been in the middle of trying to do three different things at once and looked around to realize there was no help in sight? What was your first feeling? What did you do? Did you ask for help, or […]

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The Feeling of Gratitude

By MJ Ali There are endless articles online with helpful recipes on how to “practice” gratitude and what it will do for you. So, I’m just going to share my own thoughts here. Gratitude is a feeling or emotion. It’s something that happens naturally as […]

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I Never Knew I Would Feel This Way… About a Hot Shower

By Shannon E. Franklin Before becoming a mom, it felt important to express gratitude for the big things in my life. A comfortable home. Family and friends. Unexpected opportunities. Now that my days are a mostly frenzied mix of conference calls and diaper changes, I […]

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