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Handle With Care: Being Kind to Ourselves

By MJ Ali PAST… We all get stuck. We keep going over past events in our minds. We keep looking back. This is normal. It’s also something we can change. We can’t change the past, no matter how hard we concentrate, or how many times […]

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The Power of Community College

By MJ Ali Community colleges are the most flexible and resourceful learning institutions in this country, and right now many of them are doing more online than ever before. And guess who benefits from this now-more-accessible treasure trove of goodies to feed your curiosity, imagination, thirst for […]

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Analog Fun

By MJ Ali My sister bought board games from eBay one year, and it was really fun to reminisce about how much fun we had playing them as kids. Handling the weight of the pieces, remembering the artwork on the boards, seeing the card faces, […]

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