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Curriculum Inclusion: Everybody Benefits

By MJ Ali When I was in sixth grade, we had a substitute teacher who read to us from an illustrated book that negatively portrayed a specific ethnic group, not just in the illustrations, but in the story. And because it was an ethnic group […]

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Remembering School

By Abigail Edwards Leftover chalk dust and marker stains Old wooden desks and smudged window panes Borrowed pencils and nubs of erasers Squeaky hole punchers and empty staplers   Spinning stories, spelling, commas and contractions Decimals, right angles, carried ones and some fractions Crafts and […]

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You Can Learn Anything

By MJ Ali Do these sound familiar? “I just can’t learn this.” “I will never be good at that.” “My brain just doesn’t work that way.” Our brains are amazing and mysterious things, and if the study of neuroscience has proven anything, it’s that our […]

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