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Handle With Care: Being Kind to Ourselves

By MJ Ali PAST… We all get stuck. We keep going over past events in our minds. We keep looking back. This is normal. It’s also something we can change. We can’t change the past, no matter how hard we concentrate, or how many times […]

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The Backfire Effect

By MJ Ali I think it’s safe to say we’ve all seen an increase in reactive communication among our fellow humans, and maybe even in ourselves. Environmental stress, isolation, uncertainty, polarizing attitudes and beliefs and many other factors are contributing to a very tense concoction […]

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The Bald Eagle

By Abigail Edwards As celebrations of patriotism and remembrance turn many minds to our country’s intricate, winding history, it’s interesting to take a look at the symbol that the United States has chosen to represent its values. Every state has its own personal motto, flower […]

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