Ten Tips for Taking Your Work on the Road

Working on the Road

One of the beautiful things about working at home is, you can work from anywhere.  One of the bad things about working from home is, you can work from anywhere.

Lately, working while traveling is kind of a thing.  Of course, many of those people travel and blog, so it IS their work.  However, the work-at-homer such as myself merely packs a computer or tablet and takes her work with her.  Not as romantic, but hey, it helps pay the bills, so I am grateful.

Here are ten recommendations to make your next travel/work experience more enjoyable.:

  1. Let only a few chosen people know if you may be unreachable – your co-workers, staff, family, friends.  Your clients need not know, unless you are going to be in the Amazon jungle for a set period of time.
  2. Do lots of advance preparation.  Take a look at your work schedule.  Do you have a blog post due during that time?  Social media posts?  Newsletter?  All of these things can be scheduled in advance, thus setting up your time so that all you have to focus on is putting out immediate fires while away.
  3. Be honest.  If you are going to be in the Amazon jungle for a set period of time and have little to no connectivity, ask someone to fill in for you and notify all of the need-to-know folks.  I have only had to do this once, when my father passed, and I asked an associate to field calls.
  4. Arrange to take a little bit of time to work everyday.  Whether it’s in 15-20 minute increments three times per day (morning, noon and evening) or all at once.  Dedicate that time and make sure you are 100% on task.
  5. You can take your work to the beach, but really, why?
  6. Be present, in the moment.  When you are playing, play.  When you are working, work.
  7. Silence your phone.  Even change your message to let people know when and how their calls will be answered.  Don’t be afraid to say you are returning calls this week via email.  Make your own rules.  Don’t worry, everyone will understand when you tell them you are on vacation or working remotely.
  8. Have trusted staff and/or friends who can fill in for you while away.  Just in case, you may need some help and don’t worry, they will appreciate the work and you will appreciate the assistance.
  9. Take lots of photos.  You will be able to use them later, I assure you.  However, I am not one to post while on vacation.  I don’t like to be that public about my whereabouts.  However, after the trip, I will showcase pictures and write up reviews on TripAdvisor, no problem.
  10. Make sure and keep all of your receipts or use a business credit card the entire trip.  Now that you have worked while traveling, part of your trip is tax deductible.  Voila!Now, pack your bags and enjoy your summer vacation and your work!

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