Not Just for Lovebirds

By Abigail Edwards

For many, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express love and appreciation for a romantic partner in ways they may not on another regular day. As early as 1382 the day was associated with passion and desire. In a poem written for King Richard II and his wife, Geoffrey Chaucer proclaimed that Valentine’s Day was to be “when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.” (Find out how lovebirds got their name.)

As charming as that may sound, perhaps it’s not for every bird. Whether they haven’t had a chance to date yet, are nursing a bad breakup or are simply content being single, some may be rolling their eyes or dismissing all of the holiday hype. How can we indulge in healthy, nonromantic love of ourselves and others this Valentine’s Day? Here are some fun suggestions!

  • Get some chocolate. Who says that someone else has to buy it for you? Chocolate boosts your energy, endorphins and serotonin. What’s more, it’s delicious!
  • Turn off your phone, brush the dust off the bookshelves and jump back into the novel that still holds your bookmark. Show your love for the author’s creativity!
  • Send anonymous gifts or flowers to your single friends to make their day brighter. It’s always fun to be someone’s mystery Valentine.
  • Invite your family over for dinner. Light some candles and give a special toast to your parents on their romantic day.
  • Show your love of exploration by taking a quick road trip. Grab a pamphlet and a map and see the sights!
  • Allow yourself a splurge and treat yourself. Get a massage, book a reservation at your favorite restaurant, or buy that accessory you’ve been eyeing for a while.
  • Sleep in. Take the day off to spend it comfortably in bed; get the rest you may need for February 15th.

Valentine’s Day can be just as special and enjoyable for singletons as it is for couples. If you find yourself spending the day solo, there are plenty of ways to make your own company sweeter!

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