The Best Tools in Social Media to Promote Your Business

Over a billion users world-wide.  That’s the global market that represents social media.  Where your customers can talk to you directly.  Where you can hold a flash-sale and get instant gratification by people showing up and responding, because they are your followers.  It kind of sounds like a magic pill, however, it’s a marketing tool that can get you right directly to your customer, thus making it a powerful tool for communication.


The chart below, created by Leverage, clearly shows you the power of social media, statistics for each of the largest social media networks and why they each have value in helping you achieve increasing your visibility and reaching your target market.


For example, if you have an commerce site, and want people to click and buy, a highly visual network as Pinterest would be an excellent place to put your brand and attention.  If you are a food truck operator, who changes locations often, then you need to be on Twitter.  Instant gratification, quick information and rapid feedback are the key there.  If you have a shopping mall, your consumer is highly likely to have a place on Facebook, where hearing about your specials and events will help your followers stay informed.


Please contact Co-Op Web, if you would like to discuss strategizing your business efforts in social media and finding the right network and building the audience to target your specific market.

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