The Realness of You

In honor of Poetry Month, our next three posts will be poetry written by team members. Poetry has the power to heal, and to connect and communicate simply and artistically. We hope you enjoy.

By Ana Lewis

The realness of you
Not the recurring fairy tale chronicled to your friends
Not the buoyant depiction a mother paints
Not the lights – the soaring details of your life
Not the potential of who you could be

The realness of you
Pain you orbit your life about
Baby that exhibits itself in your cravings
Science project that you call home
Puppies who are frantic for your lap

The realness of you
Person you can’t face in the reflection
Woman who acts like a girl
Depression you wear like a shroud
Sweatshirt you wear until it is limp

The realness of you
Stifled cry for comfort
Know-it-all  armor over your heart
Cagey friends you just met
Ignoring the hands reaching out

The realness of you
Dread of growing up
Permitting the little girl to stomp on your life
Looking for the quick fix
Surrounded by family who loves you still

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