Three Weirdos R Us Things Today

Sometimes I’m into some weird-ass stuff. It helps me to find some like-minded folks who appreciate the weird and wonderful in life, so I am sharing with you. And, in spending many of my days in solitude, putting my weirdness out there is more than a bit helpful. You are not alone.

Here’s a list of three weird things I am into today.:

Beverage of Champions:
Aceso Calm: Built on the backbone of classic naturopathic stress reducers, Aceso Calm is formulated with powerfully calming terpenes-linalool from lavender, limonene from grapefruit and passionflower. And they’ve added cannabidiol, a naturally occurring constituent of hemp, to create a supplement that helps you come to terms with everyday stress and anxiety. Fantastic in the afternoon, like a calming tea, or in the evening after dinner and before bed. The calm of cannabis without the high. And it’s legal in every state.

Fave Way to Waste 5 Minutes:
Grabbing the garden hose and spraying up in the air and watching the hummingbirds come and dance in the “rain”. I keep telling myself that I should get a hummingbird fountain, but then I would have to just be a spectator and not a participant in the joy.

Woo-Woo Class of the Day:
Reiki Master Class on Udemy. Even if I am never a Reiki Practioner, the lessons I am learning spiritually and energetically are things I have been able to utilize in my everyday life. I now practice daily, thus helping me to be more compassionate to others and to myself. It’s a fabulous, healing and light-filled practice that has enriched and connected me on so many levels.

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