Women on the Verge

Women on the Verge, a wonderful free community of sisterhood and support, was founded in 2009 by Ana Lewis.

Ana Lewis and Kris Gonzales
Ana Lewis and Kris Gonzales

(WOTV) originally started as a website where women from all around the world converge to express themselves and support each other. Diversity is encouraged, and everyone’s opinions matter.  Anyone can create a free account.  

Currently, we are undergoing changes to the community.  As we continue to believe in the power of women supporting women and the sisterhood of inclusiveness, we are narrowing our focus by promoting these values via our WOTV social media networks exclusively on Facebook and Twitter.     

We value our alliances and would like to continue communicating with women throughout the world via Co-Op Web. If you, too, would like to keep in contact with Ana Lewis, founder of Women on the Verge and CEO of Co-Op Web, Inc., please add your email to our subscriber list to receive regular updates containing business and personal growth ideas and stories.      

Thank you so very much for being on the verge,     

Ana Lewis
CEO — Co-OpWeb.com
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